Introducing New True Smart Pouch Detergent width=

Introducing New True Smart Pouch Packaging for Our Detergents

True Laundry Detergent is suitable for the entire family, can be used on all washable natural & synthetic fabric, and is effective in all water temperatures. True delivers a deep-down clean that removes sports odors, especially sweat. Your beloved True Scent is now available in a revolutionary True Smart Pouch that uses 60% less packaging!

True Smart Pouch packaging makes your laundry detergent more convenient to store and really easy to use; just pour it from the pouch into an empty True bottle or use it directly from the pouch using the included measuring cup. Enjoy the same great cleaning performance from innovative packaging.

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  • Danielle McCaa

    Have you considered developing a waste-free product? I like the product as it is and I’d love to purchase a True zero waste detergent option. Thank you!

  • Deborah A Striplin

    The pouches are very convenient and easy to use. Less hard plastic gets thrown away and they’re cheaper too. Are the pouches recyclable? That would be a plus!

  • Muhammad Rhaafi

    Great product I use it all the time.

  • DommiesBlessed

    Thanks Keneecha for this post! Just curious, what prompted the change in packaging? Is the thinner packaging more eco-friendly? I personally preferred the old packaging, but I love your products and support the company’s decisions and direction.

  • David Pharr

    I love the product but those True Smart Pouches do not make it easier to store – they bend, lose their shape and fall off the shelf unless you place them between something solid. Please go back to the solid purple and orange and containers that are standard in the industry and are a natural substitute for the existing products we’ve used in the past.

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