What Else Can You Do with True Laundry Detergent? width=

True Detergent is NOT your ordinary laundry detergent!

You might be thinking... What else can I possibly use this Amazing Detergent for? Well, if we can use Vinegar, Baking Soda, Windex, and other household items for multiple purposes, then why not Laundry Detergent?

True Detergent can be for more than just cleaning dirty clothes!

Maximize your True Detergent by using it to:

  1. Mop your floor
  2. Clean your car
  3. Remove carpet and upholstery stains
  4. Clean your kitchen appliances and oven racks
  5. Unclog your drain or garbage disposal
  6. Tackle bathroom scum
  7. Make your own hand soap
  8. Clean toys

We're certain that there are more cleaning hacks that we have not uncovered, so let us know if you have discovered some!

And don't forget to load up on your True Detergent today!
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