The Ultimate Black Business College Dorm Survival Kit width=

The Ultimate Black Business College Dorm Survival Kit

You’re back from summer vacay and now it’s time to send your kids off to college! No doubt there’s going to be a laundry list of things they will need. So, how about packing with a purpose? Buying products that are Black-Owned. In addition to College Pride, our kids should also have BLACK PRIDE! So let’s send our kids off with these Black-owned ESSENTIAL products!


Dorm Room Essentials:

  • Ujamaa Lighting - Lightbulbs for when the light goes out in the middle of the night in their dorm or apartment while they’re up burning the midnight oil studying.
  • Reel Paper - Who doesn't need toilet paper? Not only is Reel Black-Owned they are 100% Bamboo and available at Target (you were already headed there anyway)

Hygiene Essentials:

  • True Detergent – Laundry detergent to keep their clothes looking and smelling good. True Detergent travel packs are exactly what they need and don't take up too much space.

  • Coral Oral - Toothbrushes because well they need 'em

  • Play Pits - Deodorant because well you already know

  • Browndages - Band-Aids because no matter how old they get they are still our babies and need a little band-aid from time to time

  • Honey Pot - Feminine products for the ladies (also sold in Target)

Lifestyle Essentials:

  • Chic Geeks - Cases for their phones, iPads, and even MacBooks

  • Posh Candle Co. - Candles that smell good and make a statement

  • Blended Designs - Travel bags, luggage tasks and masks so they can represent their HBCU or Divine 9 in style. 

Essential Supplies:

  • Just Be Hue - Notebooks, Folders, Binders, Sketchbooks, Clipboards, and Journals
  • Blended Designs - Backpacks that do more than carry their books because they make a statement

Essential Munchies:

  • PIP Snacks - Popcorn from PIP Snacks

  • Rap Snacks - Chips from Rap Snacks these are also sold at Walmart

  • Be Have - Gummy Bears for their Sweet Tooth from Be Have


Proudly REPPING Black Products on CAMPUS is a THING! Let’s get to SHOPPING!

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