Walkthrough of the True Products Affiliate Program

Welcome to the True Products Affiliate Program!

This document serves as your comprehensive guide to the True Product Affiliate Program, offering you the chance to collaborate with an exceptional product that is powerful and economical. It features a step-by-step checklist to initiate your journey as a True Product affiliate. From familiarizing yourself with the True Product brand to gaining access to an array of valuable tools and resources, this document equips you with crucial insights to grasp the program's nuances and establish a foundation for resounding success. 

Step 1: Learn about True Products

True Products is dedicated to establishing an institution that offers opportunities and benefits for generations to come.  And now, we invite you to become an integral part of our journey through the True Products Affiliate Program. Picture sharing the excellence of True Laundry Detergent and getting rewarded for it – that's exactly what our program entails.

True Detergent is 4x concentrated and allows consumers to use less laundry detergent. to achieve superior results. Notably, it is free from caustic ingredients and animal essences, ensuring it is safe of machines, fabrics, and the entire family. True products is USA made and headquartered in Atlanta, Ga. True Products is Black and Veteran Owned and Operated. 

Find out more about True Products, True Founders, True Ingredients.


Step 2: Find out how the Affiliate Program Works

After you've enrolled in the affiliate Program, you earn by referring customers to our wonderful product. You'll be paid a 15% referral commission for every customer who purchases through your affiliate link or custom personal code. 

The commission will be paid 45 day after purchase due to the 30-day money back guarantee. Please note: In order to receive payment, the e-mail you signed up with must be linked to PayPal account in order to receive payment.

The only limit to how much you can earn is your imagination ! How much you earn depends on what you build, how you refer clients, and what kind of partner you refer to Shopify. Be sure to review how to Spread the Word as an Affiliate Partner for a breakdown of the various ways to spread the word. 

Your Affiliate Dashboard can be found HERE


Step 3: Join the community

The True Product's Affiliate Program has an active and supportive community for you to get involved with. This community is a great place to learn from partners at all tiers of earning success, get technical advice and help, and discuss the latest trends in marketing with peers from around the world. You can connect with the affiliate and distributor community through the Partner Community Group 

The Partner Community forum is an online forum where other affiliates are always willing to jump in and lend a hand. It's a great channel to meet more professionals in your industry, learn from your peers, ask questions, and connect directly with members of the True Product's team.


Step 4: Access the benefits of being an Affiliate 

Being an affiliate gives you access to all kinds of benefits to help your business grow and help you find success. Below is a roundup of just some of the resources you can now use.

Promotional/Marketing Resources 

Marketing materials at your fingertips!  From eye-catching graphics and  to engaging infographics, we've got you covered. Our comprehensive toolkit is designed to make your promotion efforts seamless and effective. Access these resources to captivate your audience, convey the value of True Laundry Detergent, and drive conversions effortlessly. 

Explore our array of Affiliate Media Materials and let your creativity shine!

Rewards and Incentives 

At True Products, we're committed to recognizing your dedication and effort as an affiliate. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our exciting rewards and incentives program. As you drive sales and spread the word about True Laundry Detergent, you'll have the opportunity to earn not only attractive commissions but also exclusive rewards that take your success to the next level.

Tiered Commission Bonus Structure:

Tier 1: New Affiliate (0-10 Conversions/Month)

  • Additional Bonus: 1 Free 101 oz True Product of your Choice

Tier 2: Intermediate Affiliate (11-30 Conversions/Month)

  • Additional Bonus: 2 Free 101 oz True Products of Your Choice

Tier 3: Top Performer (31+ Conversions/Month)

  • Additional Bonus: 2 Free 101 oz True Products of Your Choice
  • & $50 bonus

As you drive sales and spread the word about True Laundry Detergent, you'll have the opportunity to earn not only attractive commissions but also exclusive rewards that take your success to the next level.

Get help when you need it

If you ever feel stuck on your journey as an Affiliate, then help is never too far away. There are a few different ways to ask questions and get answers:

  • True Partner FAQ's  can answer most questions. If the resolution to your question is not there feel free to just type your issue in the search bar and find resources to help you with everything from technical issues to navigating your dashboard. 
  • As a True Product Partner, you have access to True Partners Affiliate Facebook Group. Here you can pose your question(s) or suggestion(s) to the community of affiliates and the Founder's directly. 
  • Any marketing or Affiliate Program related concerns, contact Rickenzie Marketing via email at info@rickenzie.com. 
  • Further Partner Support is available by our customer service team directly at info@thetrueproducts.com or by phone +1 877 520 8783


Step 5: Connect on Social Media

Elevate your affiliate experience with True Products by joining us on social media! As a True Partner, it is really valuable to have up-to-date information about new releases, promotions, and opportunities to take advantage of incentives. Together, we'll create a dynamic synergy that propels your success and amplifies your impact. Don't miss out – follow us today ! 

You can connect to True through these channels:


Step 6: Get started today

This isn't just about endorsing a product; it's about sharing a commitment to quality, value, and a vision for a better future. With our True Products Affiliate Program, you're not just promoting a brand; you're becoming a partner and getting paid in the progress.

You can get started by clicking on, Affiliate Registration.

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