• I am constantly doing laundry and am so blessed to find True detergent!!! It's a small bottle, but since it's concentrated you do not need to use a lot. The clothes come out smelling so clean!!! I love it and will not be going back to any other brand! Thank you
    - Dominique
  • "I was shocked to read about a Black owned detergent company and ordered the same day. After using my former product I started on True and have not looked back. In fact I am about to sign up for auto delivery. It is both mild and powerful...not sure how they get that cleaning power in such a mild smelling product. I am a convert and would host True parties if such a thing existed. I love the product and spread the word on my FB page after using it."
    - Gloria Dorsey
  • "Received mine and washed a few times. Smell test: workout clothes (after running a few miles). Skin test: bed linens (pillowcases in particular). Passed both tests. This detergent really gets the stench out of clothes. I have extremely sensitive skin and my skin/face didn’t break out at all after laying on my pillowcase. It also cleaned my whites really well and it has a light scent which smells really good/not overpowering at all. I was however shocked at the consistency of this detergent. It has a water consistency. But like the bottle says 4x concentration…which judging by the results it is. One con: there was slight leakage during shipment. Conclusion: I love it and will continue to support. No more Tide for me."
    - Lynn